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We are the champions of Championship! :)

“We are the champions, my friends!”© Queen

Dear readers, long post is awaiting for you today.

Matches and final Championship table

In the end it appeared that the second half of the season had been much easier than the first one. There were no bad series of games at all. So latest row of matches continued our nice run of games without loosing to 21:

21 matches without loosing in the Championship, FM 2010

Finally Leeds  lost to Peterborough when the 1st position was guaranteed:

Last Football Manager 2010 matches in Championship


Analysing statistics of the final table we can notice that my asymmetric tactics is really attacking one – 100 goals were scored in 46 matches. We will see how my tactical approach show itself in the Premier League!

At the current moment the board is, for sure, delighted by the season result:

Leeds board delighted with Championship win, FM 2010


Leeds players

Ok, here is the final statistics of Leeds players:

Leeds players in Championship season, Football Manager 2010

The Best Player

Dawid Janczyk – The debutant scored 27 goals in 39(2) matches. What can be better for forward in his first season with new team? Leeds fans agreed with me giving him ‘Player of the Year’ award.

Most Assists by…

Dawid Janczyk – 12 assists. This fact proves he is the best player of the season in Leeds United.

Surprise of the Year

Adel Taarabt – I don’t know how he manages to show such kind of performance. His attributes values are merely lower than his quality of football.


Joel Lindpere and Bradley Johnson – they both played at ML position in rotation. Their poor average ratings prove that left midfielder is the most weak position currently…

Hope of the Year

Marco Verratti – very, very hopeful transfer! Marco made 3 assists in 6 matches with average rating of 7.03.

OK, if I started talking about young talent Verratti then some words can be said about other youngsters. Actually Leeds United has nice prospective youth (average age of Leeds – 23). For instance, once 3 of them took all places in Championship Young  Player of the Month award:

Beevers, Teicou, Taarabt - nice Leeds youth

Apart from this trio I can single out top transferred Brazilian Giuliano with 9 assists, 3 goals in 37(3) matches. It’s a decent result. Of course, he should perform better in future because his attributes have been growing all the time.

There are also two talents in Leeds that will be used later when they grow up enough – Alphonse Areola and Jano Ananidze.

Leeds Best Eleven of the season



Thoughts about future squad changes

Personally for me this is the most interesting part of this post. It causes several questions which I should answer (and you may help me with that by the way!).

Question #1: Does the Leeds squad need changes before Premier League season?

I can answer it just right now. The answer is Yes. At least a new goalkeeper should be bought at least because Ian Walker announced about his retirement and Alphonse Areola is not ready and quite weak now.

Question #2: What positions should be strengthened?

In my opinion new goalkeeper, strong central defender and left midfielder have to be bought definitely. Though I should think over other positions more intensively.

Question #3: Whether does Leeds need a new forward?

I don’t know. Please, tell your answer on this question. But don’t hurry to answer. Look again at squad selection picture above: Janczyk and Trejo scored 27 goals each, Beckford scored 11 goals in 20(14) matches.

Take a look at Shots on Target statistics for the whole Championship:

Shots on Target statistics in Football Manager 2010

You see all three forwards have really high values of shot accuracy. So now I am hesitating among buying new better forward instead of Trejo (he will still be used from substitution bench in this case) and loaning a good striker for substitution bench.

Question #4: What current Leeds players should I sell?

At the current moment I am going to sell Sandrinho, Lindpere and Basturk (he start becoming too slow + Verratti will surely be better than Turkish AMC)…

I am tend to leave Bradley Johnson in the team for substitution. Moreover, he develops himself well during trainings.

Bradley Johnson, Leeds, Football Manager 2010 

Hope to receive some advices for you regarding my questions, especially - question #3. Premier League season is ahead!!!


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