Monday, 14 December 2009

Football Manager 2010 Training Schedule

If you are seeking Football Manager 2012 trainings, then I advise you to take a look at these my FM 2012 schedules.


In one of the previous posts I uncovered my current Leeds coaches and their attributes. Today it’s time of doing an act asked by many of you – sharing my FM 2010 training schedules!
I use approach of performing different and mostly heavy-styled sets of trainings by player position:
Football Manager 2010 Trainings
FM 2010 Trainings
So it’s easy to understand that GK means training for goalkeepers, DRL – training for fullbacks and so on. FC(Quick) and FC(Towering) differ perceptibly because the first one is used for quick forwards, the second one – for strong big strikers who prefer scoring goals by means of head.
DC – Medium, MC – Medium, FC – Medium – 3 training sets of average loading that should be used for players who complain about trainings considering them too hard.
Actually I don’t think that I have best trainings – but they’ll give good results if you have some pretty coaches.

Download My Football Manager 2010 Trainings

FM 2010 trainings at FileFactory
FM 2010 trainings at MediaFire 
By the way, the trainings include 3 sets for defenders, midfielder and forwards of youth team as well.

Steps to install Football Manager 2010 trainings:
1. Download ZIP file using one of the abovementioned links.
2. Unpack the ZIP file.
3. Copy unpacked TSH files anywhere. I prefer to use “user data/schedules” folder for that.
4. Then follow this path in Football Manager 2010:  <first tab named by your club> –> Trainings –> Schedule button –> Manage Schedules…
5. Use Import button to insert the trainings to your game one by one.
Hope you will find my FM 2010 trainings helpful! Happy

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