Saturday, 26 December 2009

Championship. Just right after “Winter Rush” matches

Hello, my dear readers! Happy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Party

A time of new Leeds story report has come. Though I am not going to be too verbose today because of all these preparations to the holidays. Soooo… short post with good news about Leeds today.

At first I would like you to look at the Championship table after 27 fixtures played:

Third position in Championship, Football Manager 2010

Confident 3rd position by Leeds United!

Though situation in the end of November was quite poor when my Leeds went down to the 14th position after 4 losses in row that is marked by red frame in the picture below:

Short poor series and long great run by Leeds in Championship, FM 2010

But then you see what happened – great run of 9 victories in 10 matches! What’s the reason of such success? It’s simply! The 3-4-R-2 tactics (I wrote about it in the previous post) and Leeds squad were stabilized completely. The most important thing is that new Leeds players learned current team style and started to play football really together.

I am so proud of my guys and their dedication during “winter rush” games, especially those two away matches against rival Burnley won with 2:0 and 3:0 scores… It’s even impossible to single out one or two best players because I am happy with performance of every Leeds player currently! But, of course, I should start thinking about my players more deeply closer to the end of the season because promotion to the Premier League seems very possible now.


PS By the way – talking about Premier League. Football Manager 2010 made me laughing: Chelsea is on the 5th position in the table now. This fact has become the reason why Abramovich sacked Carlo Anchelotti and hired back Avraam Grant!!! Big Grin

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