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Leeds United squad analysis

Let’s start Football Manager 2010 story with Leeds! The first thing every new manager should do is an analysis of the squad. It has to be done at first because it will influence on decisions of tactical schemes, transfers and signings and targets for a season.

So here is my Leeds United squad analysis…


It’s certainly the weakest line of the club. Shane Higgs and Casper Ankergren – two pretty poor keepers that doesn’t deserve to be in the first squad. It means that I must buy a good goalie very soon!

Shane Higgs and Casper Ankergren, FM 2010



I didn’t look through the squads of other League 1 clubs but I am quite sure that Leeds has one of the best defensive lines in the league.

Take a look at Australian DC - Patrick Kisnorbo:

Patrick Kisnorbo, Leeds, Football Manager 2010

He is good defender for Championship, I think, not only League 1.

Leigh Bromby. Decent central defender with good natural fitness. He has good chances to be in the first squad if I don’t buy better DC.

Lubomir Michalik is pretty average DC that will be backup player together with Richard Naylor if I don’t sell them both.

Best left back in the team is Irish guy Alan Sheehan. His level is probably enough for League 1 but not for Championship. Ben Parker is slightly worse and should start matches from substitution bench.

Regarding right backs I can say that there are two guys: Jason Crowe and Andy Hughes. The first one has good Work Rate and Natural Fitness values + average values of other important attributes. So he is my preference for sure.



Jonathan Howson. MRC of 21 years old. He has quite average values of attributes but his Work Rate (15) allows me to think of some his prospects in the club.

David Prutton. Another MRC. Determined pitch fighter that will start any match from substitution bench.

Bradley Johnson. MLC. 22 years old. Good for backup. Most of attributes are between 10 and 13.

Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle in Leeds, Football Manager 2010

Central midfielder loaned from Coventry. And I will not cancel this loan because this player seems very useful.

Neil Kilkenny is a bit better than Bradly Johnson but costs much – $875K.  So maybe he will be sold if I need additional money.

Andy Robinson. Poor AMRL with high salary of $11.5K. I have to try to sell him!

Robert Snodgrass

Robert Snodgrass, Leeds, Football Manager 2010 

Young Scottish star of Leeds United! Of course, he is left-right winger with somewhat poor speed (Pace=10, Acceleration=12)… But his other attributes including Work Rate promise bright future for this youngster.



5 forwards here.  The best of them is top scorer of the previous season - Jermaine Beckford:

Jermaine Beckford, Leeds, Football Manager 2010

By the way he has the highest transfer price in Leeds United - $1.4M.

The second forward is Luciano Becchio who costs $800K.  Well, he is not enough for promotion from Championship but perhaps good for League 1.

Prospective young striker Tom Elliott makes me to think about his destiny. From one hand he can develop in decent forward, from the other hand I can sell him for at least $325K…

American Mike Grella and Nigerian Enoch Showunmi are quite weak attackers in my mind.

Author: Vitaliy

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