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Football Manager 2010 Free Players

Update: For those who seek free player of the latest Football Manager version: FM 2014 free players.




Players that you can sign for free at the very start of the game are really important if you manage any club that doesn’t belong to top 10 of English Premier League. For instance, I have signed several players for Leeds United because they will help my club and it’s for free! So I decided to prepare list of free Football Manager 2010 players grouped by positions.

Goalkeepers (GK)

Pablo Cavallero
Pablo Cavallero in Football Manager 2010
Other decent goalies:
Maxym Levytskyi (Ukraine, 36 years)
Ian Walker (England, 37 years)
Scott Tynan (England, 25 years)
Paul Jones (Wales, 42 years)
Sebastian Viera(Uruguay, 26 years)
Christian Mora(Ecuador, 29 years)
Henk Timmer(Holland, 37 years)
Marcos(Brazil, 33 years)
Porato(France, 35 years)

Central Defenders (DC)

Samuel Kuffour
Samuel Kuffour for free, Football Manager 2010 \
Sol Campbell
Sol Campbell in Football Manager 2010
Vladislav Vaschuk
Vladislav Vaschuk, Football Manager 2010
Jorge Andrade
Jorge Andrade, Football Manager 2010
Other decent central defenders:
Jeff Strasser (Luxembourg, 34 years)
Marlon Ritter Ayovi (Ecuador, 37 years)
Roque Junior (Brazil, 32 years)
Lucien Mettomo (Cameroon, 32 years)
Ivan Helguera (Spain, 34 years
Bobo Balde (Guinea, 33 years)
Sergiy Fedorov (Ukraine, 34 years)
Dejan Stefanovic (Serbia, 34 years)
Olexandr Zotov (Ukraine, 34 years)
Boris Zivkovic (Croatia, 33 years)
Izzy Iriekpen (England, 27 years)
Glauber (Brazil, 25 years)
Mehmet Polat (Turkey, 31 years)
Iliasu Shilla (Ghana, 26 years)
Jorge Guagua (Ecuador, 27 years)
Mario Tokic (Croatia, 33 years)
Roman Kratochvil (Slovakia, 35 years)

Right Defenders (DR/WBR)

Ze Maria
Ze Maria, Football Manager 2010
Elliot Omouzusi (20 years old!!!)
Other decent right defenders:
Lauren (Cameroon, 32 years)
Danny Mills (England, 32 years)
Jean-Joel Perrier-Doumbe (Cameroon, 32 years)
Steve Watson (England, 35 years)
Abubakari Yakubu(Ghana, 27 years)
Theo Lucius(Holland, 32 years)
Ferdinand Coly(Senegal, 35 years)
Abel Xavier(Portugal, 36 years)

Left Defenders (DL/WBL)

Olivier Bernard (France, 29 years)
Jean-Joel Perrier-Doumbe (Cameroon, 32 years)
Michael Ball(England, 29 years)
Denis Yevsikov(Russia, 28 years)

Defensive Midfielders (DMC)

German Villa
German Villa - brilliand free DMC in Football Manager 2010
Other good central defensive midfielders:
Edgar Davids  (Holland, 36 years)
Johan Vogel (Switzerland, 32 years)
Andriy Husin (Ukraine, 36 years)
Pape Diop (Senegal, 34 years)
Seifo Soley (Gambia, 29 years)
Amaral (Brazil, 36 years)
Ivan Campo (Spain, 35 years)
Brahim Hemdani (Algeria, 31 years)
Mathias Cardacio (Uruguay, 21 years)
Dietmar Hamann(Germany, 35 years)
Fabio Santos(Brazil, 38 years)
Fredson(Brazil, 28 years)
Sebastian Nayar(Argentina, 21 years)
Gyorgy Korsos(Hungary, 32 years)

Central Midfielders (MC)

Stephen Appiah
Stephen Appiah in Football Manager 2010
Other decent central midfielders:
Joe Keenan (England, 26 years)
Inigo Idiakez (Spain, 35 years)
Jermaine Wright (England, 33 years)
Matt Holland (Ireland, 35 years)
Gareth Williams (Scotland, 27 years)
Abderrahman Kabous(Morocco, 26 years)

Left Midfielders (ML/AML)

Denilson in Football Manager 2010
Other decent left midfielders:
Rudi Skacel (Czech Republic, 29 years)
Boudewijn Zenden(Holland, 32 years)
Fabrizio Zambrella(Switzerland, 23 years)
Cesar(Brazil, 34 years)
Kevin Robson(Holland, 28 years)
Nicolae Mitea(Romania, 24 years)
Laurent Robert(France, 34 years)
Khalilou Fadiga(Senegal, 34 years)


Right Midfielders (MR/AMR)

Jorge Soto (Peru, 37 years)
Klever Manuel Chala (Ecuador, 38 years)
Andy van der Meyde (Holland, 29 years)
Hamed Namouchi(Tunisia, 25 years)
Tabare Viudez(Uruguay, 19 years)
Imants Bleidelis(Latvia, 33 years)
Felix Dja Ettien(Ivory Coast, 29 years)
Abass Lawal(Nigeria, 28 years)
Pius Ikedia(Nigeria, 28 years)

Central Attacking Midfielders (AMC)

Sylvain Wiltord (France, 35 years)
Mustapha Hadji (Morocco, 37 years)
Ervin Skela (Albania, 32 years)
Dino Toppmoller(Germany, 28 years)
Baek Ji-Hoon(South Korea, 24 years)
Camel Meriem(France, 29 years)
Landon Donovan(USA, 27 years) - Los Angeles player but can be signed for free (without any compensation)

Forwards (FC)

Vratislav Lokvenc
Ebi Smolarek
Ebi Smolarek in Football Manager 2010
Other good forwards:
Mark Viduka (Australia, 33 years)
Carsten Jancker (Germany, 34 years)
Amoroso (Brazil, 35 years)
Tommy Mooney (England, 37 years)
Rune Lange (Norway, 32 years)
Christian Vieri (Italy, 35 years)
Goran Ljubojevic (Croatia, 26 years)
Henri Camara (Senegal, 32 years)
Ibrahima Thiam (Senegal, 27 years)
Ivan Kaviedes (Ecuador, 31 years)
Michael Mifsud (Malta, 28 years)
Viola(Brazil, 39 years)
Dario Husain(Argentina, 33 years)
Luizao(Brazil, 33 years)
Serhat Akin(Turkey, 28 years)
Willy Topp(Chile, 23 years)
Santiago Ezquerro(Spain, 32 years)

PS As I have told I managed to sign several free players from this list to my Leeds. Overtaking my next post I disclose Sol Campbell is one of them Happy.

Author: Vitaliy

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