Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hull story is finished. The season of 3 finals!

Hello, my dear readers!

The season #7 is over. My Hull has the following results:

Hull in 4 tournaments

Hull in 4 tournaments

What I can say… It was the best season in my Football Manager 2009 career! Let’s analyze a bit results of my club in every tournament.

Premier League

I didn’t cope with Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal at all and disappointed board expectations of getting Premier League title.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Hull

By the way my Hull got only 1 point in 3 last Premier League because of second squad players usage. I tried to have 100% conditioned first squad players for Champions League and FA Cup finals.

Three finals

But the results in the other tournaments more than satisfied Hull board.

League Cup

Hull - Manchester City 1:2, extra time

League Cup final was a very dramatic one. We took a lead on the 19th minute and I was already starting to celebrate the first historical League Cup of Hull when Asier (regen forward of Man City) scored a late equalizer on the 3rd minute of injury time. Then sudden penalty brought Manchester City ahead in the score. Unfortunately my guys were unable to do anything with strong defence of opponent during the last minutes of extra time.


FA Cup

Hull - Blackburn 2:1

Blackburn awaited us in the FA Cup final. It was easy game because Hull is better and more strong team than Blackburn. 2:1 score doesn’t reflect our complete advantage on the pitch of Wembley stadium.

It was my second FA Cup in row!


Champions League

I got so many emotions during the 3 last rounds of Champions League. It was something really special! Quarterfinal with Inter was complicated but not so dramatic as semi final matches against Real Madrid:

Real Madrid Hull 1:1

Hull Real Madrid 2:1 (extra time)

The decisive goals in the second match were scored during last minutes of 2nd and 4th times by Manuel Brand.

Hull - Real Madrid 2:1, extra time

We had certain advantage in the home match but Iker Casillas was truly perfect performer! I think he is the best goalkeeper in Football Manager 2009!

Advantage of Hull over Real Madrid

Look how many cards were shown to Real Madrid players! They battled hardly against my team!

Player rating of Hull and Real Madrid

The Final

Ooooh, it was absolutely incredible match!

AC Milan - Hull 2:3, extra time

1:0 – Milovan Rakic scores!

1:1 – Kaka scores!

1:2 – Strange own goal by Ochoa on the 81th minute!!!

2:2 – All out of attack mentality creates one-on-one chance for Rakic!

3:2 – 114th minute. Manuel Brand makes a golden header for our club!


It was really great fight, equal game:

Match stats of Champions League final between Milan and Hull

Milovan Rakic got Man of the Match award:

Player ratings of Milan and Hull

As a result:

Mokosiy championed by Hull fans


This is how my Hull story ends… But don’t be sad if you are becoming sad because Football Manager 2010 is on the way! And new story will begin for you and me…


PS Tomorrow I will post a link on my Hull game save. I know some of you are keen to try it.

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