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Wonderkids in my Hull game: H, I, J, K, L!

Are you in search of U21 talents? If yes, I recommend to use Wonderkids for Football Manager 2014. There are many English FM 2014 players, by the way.

Hello, dear readers! The next part of information about wonderkids in my game awaits you! In alphabetic order as usually. 5 letters today, long post!
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Joe Hart
Joe Hart is Juventus goalkeeper in my game. His career was quite interesting. Hart had been a main keeper of Man City till the 5th season. But then they had bought Remi Riou and that made Joe to appear at substitution bench. Therefore he was signed by Juventus for free… to become a “second after Buffon”…

Anis Ben Hatira
Anis Ben Hatira in Football Manager 2009
Former HSV player didn’t impress me with his ratings and attributes. Why I say “Former”? Just because he was signed on free by Dresden before the 6th season in my game.

Zoltan Harsanyi
Zoltan Harsanyi in FM09
Weak forward if we take into comparison big club players. But career of Zoltan Harsanyi looks fairly entertaining:
2009–10. Bolton sells the Slovakian to Slovan Bratislava getting $875K.
2012-13. Tokyo Metro Feliz signs him on free.

Jeremy Helan

Jeremy Helan in Football Manager 2009

Young promising left back of Stade Rennais is still at the club. Though they don’t use him trying to send on loan every year… No more interesting information about him.


Iago in Juventus
Weak and not really smart (look at his mental attributes) player of Juventus Reserves. He doesn’t promise any prospect and should try himself in a weaker football club.

Mauricio Isla
Mauricio Isla, Valencia, FM 2009
One of the most versatile players in Football Manager 2009 who possesses both legs at high level:
Isla is the first team player of Valencia now. He was bought from Udinese for $8.5M before the 5th season.



Eggert Jonsson
Plays for Hearts from the very beginning. Quite nice attribute values.



Gojko Kacar
Goika Kacar in Football Manager 2009
Very versatile Serbian footballer. Gojko Kacar was transferred from Hertha to Bayern Munich for $19.25M after the 2nd season. Manager of Bayern Munich (Martin O’Neill!) uses Gojko as MR and MC.
I would love to have such mentally developed and versatile player in my club! His ratings are brilliant:
Gojko Kacar's performance in FM 2009

Vaclav Kadlec
Vaclav Kadlec is one of my transfer mistakes in this game. I wrote a bit about disappointments I had got due to his poor training efforts here. Unfortunately Kadlec didn’t want to train and develop himself, or I didn’t find an approach to him – though his prospects were really high…

Keirrison is a famous Brazilian wonderkid in FM09
Keirrison is a famous Brazilian wonderkid. I think many of you bought him to your teams. In my game Keirrison is the second forward of Roma being behind Huntlaar’s back. He played rather successfully for Espanyol before Roma. Here are the ratings and transfer sums regarding Keirrison:
transfer sums regarding Keirrison

Djama Koutouan
Djama Koutouan in FM 2009
Very weak one. Koutouan was signed on free by Pro Presto after 5 seasons for Atalanta having zero matches in the first squad. I didn’t used him as Ivory Coast manager as well.


Josh Lambo
Josh Lambo in Football Manager
Lambo’s career looks very strange.
Strange career of Josh Lambo
He missed several years of football in spite of his decent attribute values!

Adam Lallana
Adam Lallana from Southampton
He is still in Southampton. Devoted average attacker whom I would call a wonderkid. But you asked me to report about him…

Federico Laurito
Federico Laurito in FM 09
Laurito is one of the best players of this post. I like him much and have him in my shortlist for a long period.
Udinese starts game having two fantastic forwards – Federico Laurito and Alexis Sanchez. Both were sold in my game. Though career of Laurito is not so fabulous as the one of Sanchez (leading forward of Chelsea). Laurito was transferred to Leverkuzen for $12.25M in summer of 2011.

Leo in Football Manager 2009
And in the end – the most exciting career of all reviewed today!
Exciting career!
Leo managed to play for Real Madrid and Inter! Probably you would say that he did a step back moving to Lyon. I would agree French top club is always Champion League’s quarter final visitor, and Leo is leading central defender whom I would like to buy to my team.

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