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Wonderkids in my game. Part E-G

Are you in search of U19 talents? If yes, I recommend to use Best young players in FM 2014. There are many cheap FM 2014 players, by the way.

Another portion of information about wonderkids in my game today – good young players whose surnames start from E, F or G.
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Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo in FM 2009
Hoffenhaim leader used his career opportunities completely.
07.2009 – Transfer to HSV for $9.5M.
07.2012 – Bought by Juventus for $17.25M
Nowadays he has brilliant attribute values as for attacking midfielder and plays on AMC position in Juventus. Though Eduardo hasn’t been called to national team of Brazil –  the competition is too high.

Mehmet Ekici
Mehmet Ekici in FM 2009
Mehmet Ekici is the one of youngsters that I have in my shortlist. At the current moment he still performs for Bayern Munich. They use him more often as ML and in rare cases as MC. Versatility of Ekici attracts my attention:

Urby Emanuelson
Urby Emanuelson in FM 2009
Nice left defender and midfielder. But not a big star, actually. Still plays football in Ajax club. I would buy him as substitution player for my Hull.

Ched Evans
Ched Evans
Leading striker of Wales and Bolton. Quite good player for any team, I think. His career:
07.2011 - Signed on free by Rangers from Manchester City.
01.2012 – Bought by Bolton for $8.75M


Federico Fazio
Federico Fazio in FM 2009
Fazio is one of the best central defenders in the world now! His attributes are marvellous – strong, mental guy with good tackling and passing. Would love to buy him! By the way, I bought him in Football Manager 2008 managing Southampton if you don’t remeber.
Fazio is Sevilla player from the very beginning.

Vincenzo Fiorillo
Vincenzo Fiorillo in FM2009
One of the most prospective goalkeepers in Football Manager 2009 didn’t develop to a real star. Probably the problem is in his low Work Rate. Fiorillo is the second goalie of Sampdoria now (Diego Alves is the first).

John Fleck
John Fleck in FM 09
Scottish talented disappoints as well. He was bought by West Brom in 2010 for $12M. Nevertheless, ratings of Fleck were under 6.70 every season! So he was sold to Wigan performing in the Championship for only $2.7M in 2012.

Rui Fonte
Portuguese attacker of Arsenal was released on free transfer by the club in 2011. French Stade Rennais took him out. Rui Fonte appears to be a decent player for any team below the first 10 in top 5 European leagues.

Vegard Forren
Vegard Forren in FM09
Stable central defender. In spite of his unnoticeable values of attributes Forren is the first squad player in both Ajax and Norway. He used career opportunities efficiently:
08.2008 – Transfer move from Molde to Heeerenveen. $3.8M
07.2011 – Transfer move from Heeerenveen to Ajax. The same $3.8M
Marco Ezio Fossati
Marco Ezio Fossati in FM 2009 
Seems like Fossati didn’t do enough to realize hopes relied on him. Anyway he was sold by Inter to Vicenza for only $850K. That’s a good piece of business if you look at his current price in the screenshot!
From the other hand, he belongs partially to both Milan and Vicenza. Callback fee of this partial agreement is pretty high:
Callback fee


Gerson in Football Manager 2009
The fact that Gerson hasn’t been bought by any team and is still in Gremio proves his average quality in my game…

Guilherme in FM2009
07.2009 – Bought by Valencia for $29.5M.
07.2011 – Bought by Real Madrid for the same $29.5M.
Well this guy plays in the main squads of Brazil and Real Madrid! What I can say – a real star of football who is wanted by many clubs. Though it’s very hard to create a transfer because of his current price.

Andres Guardado
Guardado in FM2009
Certainly one of the best left midfielders in the world! And again – player of Real Madrid! His attributes are truly excellent. Pay attention that he is the most expensive wonderkid of this post - $53M!
Worldwide reputation of Guardado
Guardado has already 100 caps for Mexico being in age of 27 years!
It’s better to look at his career stats using the next screenshot:
Career of Guardado

Martin Galvan
Martin Galvan in FM2009
I would say Galvan is a fine footballer looking at his attributes. The only problem that he is still Mexico. He was transferred from his native Cruz Azul to Pachuca for $1.6M.

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