Tuesday, 5 May 2009

FM 2009 Tactics – Christmas Tree

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Hello, dear readers!
Last time I described my success with Ivory Coast team in African Nations Cup and promised to share the tactics with you. Ok, this it:
FM 2009 Tactics – Christmas Tree

Tactics formation

The name of the tactics is taken from its principle of formation. It just looks as Christmas tree a bit Happy:
FM 2009 tactics (Christmas tree)
This tactics is even more attacking than my Hull tactics. FC, 2 AMC, ML, MR perform on a pitch in very attacking style. Central midfielder does attacking and defensive work in “50/50” mode Winking. There are also two wing back who have Forward Runs set to Often.

Tactics team instructions

The most important features of my new FM 2009 tactics can be seen on the Team Instructions screen.
FM 2009 tactics team instructions 
Mentality is attacking. And it’s absolutely logical.
There is a quite low setting of Creative Freedom. Actually this setting applies on central defenders and MC only. It allows to increase their Creative Freedom during match with one click. Other players have this setting overwritten in their individual instructions.
Now the most important: Passing – Direct, Tempo – Quick. My Ivory Coast team plays in quick direct football (compare it with Hull and its slow short passing style!). It was very stunning for the most of African teams. Moreover, we had certain performance in matches with Senegal and Ghana who have also strong squads. But remember high values of First Touch, Technics, Agility players attributes are really important for performing well if you use quick tempo.
Closing Down is set to be done all over pitch. Well, I like always this. By the way, it’s one of the most favourite tactical principles of Valeriy Lobanovskiy – the best Ukrainian manager of all times.
My Defensive Line together with Play Offside confirm intentions of attacking style. Of course, may be it is somewhat risky but I feel calm about that having such high-quality defenders as Kolo Toure, Abdoulaye Meite, Diomande.

Hope you will like this tactics! Happy

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