Sunday, 1 February 2009

Football Manager 2009 Skins Review

Probably you know that I like standard Footbal Manager 2009 skin Smile. But I know many guys who don’t like it. That is the reason why I decided to devote this post to different skins, non-standard ones. Moreover, it will be some kind of review with my rates set up for each skin. I’m going to rate them by 2 parameters: Usability and Beauty. Total rate is counted as (Usability + Beauty / 2). Maximal mark per each parameter is 10.

And don’t forget my rates don’t pretend at being absolute rates Wink.


cl2009 Football Manager 2009 skin

cl2009 Football Manager 09 skin

The skin is based on Champions League theme. It will good for dark theme lovers. On the first screen we can see one bug: news are overlaid on row icons. The second screen shows pretty good colouring of attributes.

Usability: 7        Beauty: 8       Total: 7.5


Dark Horizon

Dark Horizon Football Manager 2009 skin

Dark Horizon Football Manager 09 skin

Another dark themed skin. It has a bit curved unpretty fonts in few places. But I like their red colour for values of attributes higher than 15 Smile.

Usability: 8        Beauty: 7       Total: 7.5



Flex Football Manager 2009 skin

Flex Football Manager 09 skin

Having turned on this skin we have a good old-styled Football Manager. This is the oldest Football Manager skin as far as I know.

Usability: 8       Beauty: 8      Total: 8


fmvita FM 2009 skin

fmvita FM2009 skin

Dark styled original skin that looks very good with orange colours of Ivory Coast nation team Wink. If you have backgrounds installed then you will have problems because dark-blue background is changed on one of your backgrounds. It’s hard to sort out letters then.

I got problems with confirming changes of Preferences! I can’t confirm them – nothing happens when I click on confirm. I advice you to avoid using this skin.

Usability: 2       Beauty: 8      Total: 5



ITunes FM 2009 skin

ITunes FM2009 skin

This skin is certainly for fans of ITunes and all other Apple products. Looks very ugly when used together with backgrounds. It’s really hard to use it because it’s hard to see letters and numbers.

Usability: 3       Beauty: 4      Total: 3.5



Rinnakkain FM 2009 skin

Rinnakkain FM2009 skin

I like the colours of the theme of this skin. But added backgrounds make it not so usable as it was intended. From the other hand there are 2 convenient menu points in the 1st screen: Quick Links and International.

Usability: 7       Beauty: 9      Total: 8


Steklo FM 09 skin

Steklo FM09 skin

Dark beautiful one that doesn’t conflict with my backgrounds. The skin has also 2 convenient menu points in the 1st screen: Quick Links and International.

Usability: 8       Beauty: 9      Total: 8.5



Tumma FM 09 skin

Tumma FM09 skin

Tumma skin can be favourite for those who like black style. If you don’t like to use backgrounds of stadiums then there is very useful feature ‘Skin Options’ for you that allows to change standard background supporting several variants.

Usability: 8       Beauty: 9     Total: 8.5


Download link

All above reviewed skins can be downloaded using this link: Football Manager 2009 skins

Extract them to "My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\skins” folder and run FM 2009.


In the end I have question for you: What skin did you like most of all? Smile

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.