Monday, 5 January 2009

You play Football Manager 2009 too much if…

This post is unusual for my blog because of two reasons:

1. It’s the first humor post.

2. It’s a translation of article from – the best Football Manager site in post-USSR community (Russian speaking countries, actually).

Ok, some jokes for you!

Football Manager is around us!

You play Football Manager 2009 too much if…

- The list of recently loaded programs contains only of FM 2009, FM Genie Scout, FM 2009 editor, WinRar, "FM2009 v9.2.0 Patch Installer.exe".

- You brought National Team of Madagaskar to the golden medals of World Cup three times.

- You did this with different tactics.

- Being on stadium (in RL) you shout “Mentality – attacking! Closing Down – often!” instead of “Go Liverpool!” Happy

- Your neighbours wake up during late night after your shout “Goooooooal!” when there is no football on TV. Sleeping Half moon

- You remember statistics of all your players in all matches of last season.

- Your colleagues think that FM 2009 is your favourite accounting program.

- Your boss thinks so as well!

- You know exactly what club will be managed by Freddy Adu when he becomes a manager.

- It’s easier for you to create new tactics than write two text lines.

- This created tactics becomes very successful and all your fellows start to use it soon.

- In the minds you set mental skills for your relatives and friends. For instance, father: Work Rate = 15, Determination = 5. Boy

- Ha, mental skills! You can even set preferred moves to all of them!

- It regards girls as well. Girl

- You always change individual instructions (mentality, creative freedom, closing down) during sex. Red heart

- Your friend says that he will come later after he came to you with beer and saw you playing FM.

- He haven’t visiting you for a week since that time but you forget about him anyway.

- Your wife feels hurt if you call some “Aguero” during sleep. Sleepy

- Your 5-year son knows who is Henry Saivet and Georginio Wijnaldum.

- Moreover he can even write their names without mistakes.

- Your 3-year daughter can do the same! Happy

- When you close your eyes, you see small figures of players that are running and scoring goals. Soccer Ball

- When you open your eyes, you see the same!

Big Grin

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.