Tuesday, 23 December 2008

What's your favourite new feature in FM 2009?

Another poll came to the end. This time you have been answering on the question about favourite feature in Football Manager 2009. I’m ready to present you the final results:

Favourite feature in Football Manager 2009 poll 

I would like to make a small analysis of them. Predictably most of votes (35%) were given for 3D Match view feature. Well, of course, it’s the most awaited one for FM fans. But I was absolutely surprised with the 2nd place of the poll: Feedbacks of assistant (22%) Surprise. Didn’t really expect that people like and use this feature so much. Personally I read assistant feedbacks from time to time… Just because they are somewhat helpful but not much.

3rd place is also quite unexpected for me! I don’t see press conferences (12%) being so interesting and useful FM feature. Therefore in 90% of matches I send assistant to attend them…Winking

In the end I would like to inform you that I voted for the non-integer ratings – it’s my favourite one Happy.


PS New poll is opened! Vote! Thumbs-up

Author: Vitaliy

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