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Football Manager 2009 Tips and Hints

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Football Manager 2009 tips and hints, questions and answers
It’s always good to know some tricky things about Football Manager that will help you to deal with it more agile way. That is the reason why I prepared a quite wide pack of tips and hints for Football Manager 2009 in the form of questions and answers.

Where is my data (game files, tactics, trainings, etc.) saved by default?
<letter of drive where FM09 installed>://Documents and Settings/<your user account name>/My Documents/Sports Interactive
Example: C://Documents and Settings/Administrator/My Documents/Sports Interactive

‘Go On Holiday’ doesn’t work!
It means you use cracked version of Football Manager 09. Shame on you! Wink

What’s happened with arrows? I can pull them only 1 position forward/backward!
That’s because SI Games changed arrows system. Now arrows are used to specify Forward Runs. So an arrow tells you how often your player goes forward to support attacks. The previous arrows system was removed from the game (unfortunately in my mind).

How to install a facepack?
1. Copy folder with faces to folder "My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\graphics" (if graphics folder is absent - create it!)
2. For being able to see faces from installed facepack you must have the following settings in FM 2009 Preferences:
- Use Skin Cache = Off
- Always Reload Skin on Confirm = On
The same rule works for Logos, Kits, Skins.

3D Match View doesn’t work on my video card!
Try to download and install Microsoft DirectX SDK. It may help with 3D view but doesn’t guarantee the result if you have very weak video card.

How to select the first squad effectively?
Read my old post Tips and hints: How to select players for a first squad in Football Manager 2008 . All its recommendations work in Football Manager 2009 as well.

What for do I need to set up pitch size?
If you select pitch size in a smart way it will give you some advantage in home matches. Read Tips and hints: Pitch sizes in FM 2008 that work in Football Manager 2009 as well!

Most of my players have poor morale and we cannot win a match therefore!
Coping with poor morale is not simple task. Of course, the main method of making a player mood better - winning matches. But it's like an enchanted circle because it's very hard to win when you already have 'Very Poor' morale. Read this post: How to cope with poor morale in Football Manager 2008? My experience! These methods work in Football Manager 09 too.

Hopefully it’s the helpful information for you, my dear readers. If you are interested in more tips and hints on some specific parts of FM 2009, write about it in comments!

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