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Football Manager 2009 Tactics – My Best One

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First of all you should know: Football Manager 2009 tactics that I want to present you was migrated from 4-1-4-1 Southampton Home Tactics. It’s completely described in that post. Therefore I would like to present you only differences between old successive FM 2008 tactics and new adapted FM 2009 tactics. And you can just compare both variants.
Pay attention that successful adaptation was done only for the attacking variant (4-1-4-1 Southampton Home Tactics). 4-1-4-1 Southampton Away Tactics wasn’t working fine for me. So I decided to reject it and try to create a new approach for away matches.


Football Manager 2009 Tactics, Formation
There are some notable changes comparing with screen of FM2008 tactics that I used for Southampton. But all of them are just because of arrows system’s change (in FM2009 arrows were linked with Forward Runs instructions, if you don’t know). So don’t mind about that Smile.

Team instructions

Football Manager 2009 Tactics, Team Instructions
Compare this screen and old team instructions. 3 changes here.
The most important one is about new value of Focus Passing setting. Now my team acts more down both flanks because it’s more efficient approach in Football Manager 2009. I found out this after all my experiments with tactics and all analysis of AI tactics during matches Light bulb.
Turned on Play Offside is also new feature of this tactics. But I would advice you to turn it off if your defenders don’t possess good speed, acceleration and team work.
Free Kicks were changed to Best Header but for a while I haven’t seen any reasonable changes during free kicks in the last matches. So it’s not important change.

Individual instructions

Goalkeeper (GK)

The only change in comparison to FM 2008 tactics. I changed Distribution to Defender Collect. And set a right defender as a target for this action. I like the way how it works in Football Manager 2009.


All the same.

Defensive Midfielder (DMC)

Defensive midfields stands on a near post during attacking corners. It will results in some goals from him. But he should have good values of Jumping and Strength for that.

Left Central Midfielder (MLC)

Small but quite significant change: Long Shots are set from Often to Mixed because players in FM 2009 strike Long Shots too often with low percentage of accuracy.

Wingers (AMR, AML)

One but very important change here! Cross Ball was set to Rarely. And in combination with team passing focused by the flank it results in the perfect effect:
1. Winger gets ball on a flank.
2. He moves down the flank and don’t do cross when reaches the line.
3. He begins to dribble to the box and only after that makes decision: pass or shoot.
3a. If winger decides he has one more option apart from team-mates in the box – it’s about flank defender who joins attack and is uncovered at that moment being on the corner of the box.
In short, wingers play more important role in this FM 2009 tactics than in the old FM 2008 variant. Therefore the should have high Dribbling, Speed, Passing, Technique, Flair. Cuts Inside PPM is great to have as well.
Good values of Finishing and Composure are advised not only for wingers but also for flank backs. Because flank back will have opportunities to shoot being uncovered after winger delivers ball to him.

Using tactics in away matches

In the most of all matches in Coca-Cola Championship I don’t do changes in this attacking tactics. This is because 50 percents of opponents in this league are perceptibly weaker than Hull. But in the matches with more strong teams this approach doesn’t work. We are missing too many attacks and counter attacks. And obviously it will be worse in the Premier League. Therefore I’m forced to do changes for away matches with high skilled teams.
I do only few things that increase performance of my team:
- set Counter Attacks;
- play with Defensive Line setting it deeper.

Links to download my FM 2009 tactics

Link 1
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