Friday, 5 December 2008

Football Manager 2009 Facepacks

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Probably almost all FM 2009 gamers prefer to install facepacks to be able to see the faces of all known players and coaches. Personally I always try to find new FM facepacks some time after release of new version. And for me it’s really important to get the faces of all players from one league in one file! Light bulb I don’t like to download small team facepacks. It takes too much time… Clock
Maybe it’s too early now because it’s less the one month from FM 2009 release… But I found bunch of very good Football Manager 2009 facepacks and want to share links on them with you, my dear readers:

FM 2009 Austria Facepack.rar (20.94 MB)

FM 2009 Brazil.rar (29.74 MB)

FM 2009 Belgium.rar (30.12 MB)

FM 2009 Croatia.rar (9.07 MB)

FM 2009 Czech Republic.rar (21.53 MB)

FM 2009 England.rar (43.14 MB)

FM 2009 France.rar (44.23 MB)

FM 2009 Germany.rar (44.35 MB)

FM 2009 Holland Facepack.rar (21.42 MB)

FM 2009 Italy Facepack.rar (25.14 MB)

FM 2009 Portugal.rar (21.63 MB)

FM 2009 Russia.rar (45.44 MB)

FM 2009 Serbia.rar (10.44 MB)

FM 2009 Spain Facepack.rar (26.56 MB)

FM 2009 Switzerland.rar (12.51 MB)

The faces are not big in those packs but I believe it’s pretty good choice. Hope you liked them!

PS For addition of one of these facepacks to FM 2009 you must:
1. Unpack the RAR file
2. Copy its unpacked content to folder "My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\graphics" (if graphics folder is absent - create it!)
3. For being able to see faces from installed facepack you must have the following settings in FM 2009 Preferences:
- Use Skin Cache = Off
- Always Reload Skin on Confirm = On

Author: Vitaliy

Playing Football Manager since 1996. Blogging about it since 2007.