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FM 2009 Player Preferred Moves (PPMs)

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Dear readers, I hope you will like this post. I spent very much time trying to explain my understanding of Player Preferred Moves in Football Manager 2009. It’s pretty long but should be useful for you. All preferred moves were grouped into 3 groups by effect they produce: Positive, Negative and “Pros and Cons” effect. Enjoy! Wink 

Positive effect Thumbs-up 

Comes deep to get ball
+ Player leaves his position going to a deeper line, as a result getting the ball and having more opportunities for further progress of attack.
Curls Ball Star
+ Player produces curled passes and shots that are harder for goalkeepers to cope with. He makes that during any type of shots: standard, long and set pieces.
Cuts inside
+ Additional ability of wingers and attacking flank defenders that allows to go to the box from the flank unexpectedly.
Dictates tempo
+ Players having this ability can rule the game. Especially good for playmakers (for instance, Fabregas). Such player should have more Creative Freedom.
Gets crowd going
+ Increases morale of team-mates because of higher fans support. More effective for home matches.
Gets into opposition area
+ Player like to perform in the opposition’s box. It makes him more dangerous in the most cases.
Knocks ball past opponent
+ Great feature for player with high pace and dribbling. Very effective against slow defenders.
Likes to lob keeper Hot
+ Effective and efficient skill to score one-on-one moments.

Likes to round keeper
+ Another effective and efficient skill to score one-on-one moments Wink.
Likes to switch ball to other flank
+ Quite useful skill in case of wide attacking tactics. Gives more options for player to continue attack.
Likes to try to beat offside trap
+ Obviously great move for quick attacking player that allows him to cope with defensive line.
Looks for pass rather to attempt to score
+ Pretty useful when you don’t want, for instance, your midfielder strike long shots.
Marks opponents tightly
+ I’m convinced that tight marking is good feature for any defender and DMC.
Moves into channels
+ Very good skill for forwards making them to move to empty space for getting the ball there (like Fernando Torres).
Placed shots
+ Player having this skill has higher accuracy of shots. Cool to have for any forward!
Plays one-twos
+ Adds effect of “knife cutting through defence” if you have this on your MC/AMC who joins attacks sometimes. The most efficient scheme if your players have high First Touch, Passing and Team Work attributes.
Plays short simple passes
+ DMC players like Gattuso need this skill often. It allows to deliver ball to more creative midfielders (Kaka, Pirlo, Seedorf) without risk.
Runs with ball down left , Runs with ball down right
+ Absolutely positive move that is needed by wingers.

Runs with ball through center
+ Going and dribbling through center is harder than running down flank. Therefore I think this move being even more great. Perfect AMC must have this one.
Shoots with power
+ Makes very good effect when forward has this one. He can break through any goalkeeper!
Stays back all time
+ Ensures that defensive players (they possess this skill, normally) never join attacks. Especially good for defensive tactics.
Tries killer balls often
+ One of the coolest PPMs that allows any midfielder with it creating a lot of chances for forwards by means of through balls.
Tries long range passes
+ Long range passes will catch up opponent’s defence often if your player possess this PPM.
Tries tricks
+ Obvious plus! Wink
Tries to play out of trouble
+ I would like to have all defenders and DMC with this PPM. It would add more reliability to my defence.
Uses outside of foot
+ Sudden passes and shots. Very efficient skill for attacking player!
Winds up opponents
+ Player makes provoking actions on a pitch irritating opponents. They will receive more cards Smile

Negative effect Thumbs-down

Argues with officials
- Results in more yellow cards.
Likes ball played into feet
- Somewhat limits opportunities of team work because this player doesn’t like to use head.

“Pros and cons” effect Thumbs-up Thumbs-down

Arrives late in opposition area
+ Unexpected advantage during attack because of additional (defensive) player coming to the box. It’s hard to mark such player.
- Empty space in defence appears if DC or DMC with such ability goes to attack.
Attempts overheads kicks Soccer Ball
+ Player can do overhead kick when he is back to goal.
- If player is too flamboyant he overuses this ability.
Avoids using weaker foot, Moves ball to left/right foot before dribble attempt

+ Less mistakes when he uses his stronger foot.
- Looses moments for pass, shot or dribbling attempt when ball at his weaker foot. Don’t play such guys on the wrong side.
Dives into tackles
+ More effective tackling and closing down.
- Mistake of DC during such diving can cost much for a team. Likehood of receiving cards becomes higher.  Hard Tackling setting is not recommended for such player.

Does not dive into tackles
+ Less amount of cards.
- Doesn’t make sliding tackles when it’s need (when opponent’s forward runs quickly past DC, for example)
Dwells on ball,  Stops play
+ Good for DMC who is told to Hold The Ball. Players sees more options for passing.
- Slows the game down. Effective closing down of such player can result in a ball loss. “Dwells on ball” is considered to be more negative than “Stops play”.
Gets forward whenever possible
+ Additional  player ignores forward runs instructions and joins to attack being unmarked (usually).
- Bad for defensive tactic. When defensive players shouldn’t go to attack in any case.
Hits free kicks with power
+ Performs power shots from free kicks. Like Juninho Smile
- Bad if you like to deliver a ball from free kick to the best header .
Hugs line
+ Attacking winger midfielders and defenders will perform more effectively. Good if you use wide style in your tactics.
- May provoke some problems making gaps in formation if you use narrow defensive tactics.
Likes to beat man repeatedly
+ Player’s actions look beautiful! Smile He makes unexpected tricks that could stun all defence and goalie of opponent.
- Sometimes looses ball due to dribbling overuse. If the weather is bad then ball losses makes more often.
Plays no through balls
+ Good move for defensive players if you use defensive tactics.
- Decreases number of efficient counter attacks if you play them.
Plays with back to goal
+ Pretty nice feature for target man strikers like Drogba.
- It will spoil performance of target man if other players are set to make passes of “Run into ball” type.
Shoots from distance
+ Good if he has high values of Long Shots, Finishing attributes.
- Otherwise, bad Smile
Tries first time shots
+ In combination with good Long Shots, First Touch and Finishing – fantastic one.
- Otherwise, bad Smile
Tries long range free-kicks
+ Player with this skill may strike the ball from long range free kick unexpectedly for goalkeeper.
- No sense without high values of Long Shots and Free Kicks.

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