Thursday, 23 October 2008

Southampton - Without Euro Cups...

There is a resolution of the previous post about Champions League - my last match in the 6th round of group stage. The result is absolutely disappointing - I couldn't imagine worse Crying

Unconcentration by Southampton, FM2008

Match stats with Napoli, Football Manage 2008

Italian champion Napoli was at our hands from the 1st to 70th minute of the match. And the beginning was really hopeful! My guys managed to create efficient combination that ended with the goal of Nicolae Mitea just right after kick-off . We controlled situation on the pitch for 70 minutes missing several goal chances. But afterwards Napoli did enclose my players on our half of pitch and managed to score twice Sad. It was a lack of concentration and class from our side...

As a result The Saints haven't even got to UEFA cup because of Lyon's advantage on the private matches with them. Sooooo pitttty.....

Very pity group table in FM08

Nevertheless I should concentrate on getting Premier League title and winning FA Cup and League Cup.

Author: Vitaliy

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