Friday, 3 October 2008

Football Manager 2009 Interview with Miles Jacobson


Miles Jacobson (Sports Interactive MD, if you don't know) was very kind to give the exclusive interview to The True Football Manager blog. The topic of the interview was, of course, Football Manager 2009 Happy. I asked him 9 questions. 9 - just because it's FM 2009 Happy.







Vitaliy: I noticed on the screen shot that ratings of players became noninteger and therefore more exact (6.4 instead of 6, 6.6 instead of 7). This is small but great feature that allows to evaluate the whole performance of a player more exactly. Will this feature appear at the release version of FM 2009?  

Miles: Yes - it was announced on the first episode of the second season of the Football Manager podcast, which is available on Itunes for free, alongside some other features, and another 10 or so announced on the second podcast.

Vitaliy: Many guys who play FM on their laptops are worried that they will not be able to watch match 3D Mode (TV view). Can you specify changes in system requirements caused by 3D Match Engine? Actually, what CPU and Video Card will be minimally needed for 3D view? 

Miles: We haven't finalised system specs yet, and won't until the game is finished and full compatability testing is done. If 3d is unavailable for a user, the game should default to 2d. It will all depend on the capabilities of the machine - I use a laptop, and the game works fine.

Vitaliy: I live in Ukraine. So the logical question is: Will Football Manager 2009 be selling officially in Ukraine this year? 

Miles: Not at retail, no. It should be available online, and we are looking into those possibilities at the moment.

Vitaliy: Don't know may be you got tired answering this question but: How soon will new screen shots or some news about FM 2009 appear?  

Miles: There's been lots of news. The 2 podcasts have provided another 15 features on top of the ones announced on the you tube video. There are no new screenshots planned - we're concentrating on getting the game done.

Vitaliy: How much was AI (match engine) changed in FM 2009? Is it like "many small good changes" or "totally new core of match engine"? 

Miles:  It's been improved through lots of testing via Football Manager Live.

Vitaliy: There are some people having scepticism about the release version of Football Manager. Well, you know, actually, they say that there will be a lot of bugs in the release version as in the previous year, and they will not play FM until the first patch is out. Do you have any objections about that this time?  

Miles:  People should try out the demo, then decide based on that.

Vitaliy: Will FM 2009 demo contain just one quickstart with restriction of gaming time as usually? Or may be there will be more extended demo this time?

Miles:  There will, as always, be 2 version of the demo, one with 1 quickstart, and one with a few quickstarts. The demo will, as always, be a half season demo, which is already huge compared to the majority of games on the market, and one of the few games where saved games are compatible with the final release.

Vitaliy: I see that new version of FM will have a lot of cool new features. It's a really long step from FM 2008 as for me. It's interesting to know: what new feature of FM 2009 do you, personally, like most of all? 

Miles:  There are a lot of things I really enjoy, some of which are unannounced currently, but I'm really enjoying the TV view and the new player rating system that you talk about in question 1.

Vitaliy: What's your opinion about The True Football Manager blog and it's influence on FM community? 

Miles:  We are very grateful to everyone in the community who gives up their own time to make blogs or websites about our games - a lot of us at SI ran our own sites, did data updates, skins and the like before we were part of the studio.

Author: Vitaliy

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