Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Champions League battle of Southampton in FM2008

Today is the Champions League day in the real life. Less than 1 hour left till CL match between Porto and Dynamo Kiev that I'm going to watch.

So I decided to write quite uncommon post that includes information only about the current situation of my Southampton in this tournament. As you remember it was told in the previous that the CL draw had been really tough creating "Group of Death" with Valencia, Lyon, Napoli and Southampton.

There are the results of the matches of previous 5 rounds:

FM2008, Southampton in Champions League

FM 2008, Southampton in Champions League

The first two games were described in the previous post in which I was shocked by the strength of Valencia at the starting round. But the home game was totally different. There were amazing finishing and combinations from my guys - especially Jelle Vossen. He is real first touch killer!!! Star

 Great victory against Valencia in FM08

Match statistics with Valencia in FM2008

Though Valencia has perfect squad (9 players with WorldWide reputation!) and therefore they had enough moment to score three times at least (look at the match stats). But my goalie Rune Jarstein made one of the best games in his career providing several saves that helped Southampton to be on the top  of the group table!

I have already played 5 matches and look at the group table, FM2008

Looks crazy, isn't it? Open-mouthed

Any team can finish on any position. Though The Saints have the highest chances due to the best goal difference.

Lets count our chances:

- in case of away victory over Napoli: 1st position

- draw with Napoli: 1st or 2nd position depending on the result of Valencia - Lyon

- loss to Napoli: 3rd or 4th position depending on the result of Valencia - Lyon

How do you think? What position will we get after the match with Italian Champion?

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