Sunday, 28 September 2008

Premier League Champion Question

After the previous post I played 2 different matches. Both - away games. The first is against the grand club, the second - against the relegation team. Nevertheless both matches were won with 2:1 score:

Nevertheless both matches were won with 2:1 score, FM 2008 

Of course, we had some luck with Chelsea because they created a little bit more goal moments... Though my guys performed better finishing attacks. As a result Southampton won really hard away match as well as home one! Two victories over such great team allow to think of something more than Champions League place! Actually, we are going 3rd in the Premier League table:

Actually, we are going 3rd in the Premier League table, FM 2008

You see my Southampton have some chances to make impossible - gain the Premier League Title! Star

Liverpool and Man United have 3 points of lead at the moment. It doesn't seem to be impossible to catch up them because I have matches in the last fixture with both clubs:



Another good thing is that The Saints have the best goal difference in the Premier League! In case of points equality my team will be over opponents because of league sorting rules! Hot

On the other hand I, of course, understand that the schedule of my last three games in the championship is perceptibly tough. All the title competitors + Chelsea (they cannot become champions but can shift down me from 3rd position) have more easy clubs for the last matches. The other disadvantages I have - the injuries of the first squad players: Mamadou Sakho (DL) and Rune Jarstein (GK). The loss of the main keeper can be very bad for us...

Now I want you also to compare the schedules and make your own conclusions.



It's good that they still compete for Champions League. It can help us making The Reds more tired...

Manchester United


Hard to believe that Red Devils will loose points in their two home matches. But I can shift them down if I gain a victory in the 37th fixture of Premier League Smile



Well, I do not afraid the guys of Roman Abramovich. Anyway the 4th position and Champions League place is guaranteed for my Southamtpon. This fact is already sensation of the season.

So how do you think? How will become the Champion of English Premier LeagueThinking

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