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Wonderkids and best young players in Football Manager 2008: Defensive Midfielders (DMC)

Are you in search of U19 talents? If yes, I recommend to take a look Best young players on Football Manager 2014. There are many English FM 2014 players, by the way.

It's always important to have a midfielder in the centre of pitch who will do destruction work interrupting opponent's attacks. And, of course, you will have more prospects in case if your DMC is wonderkid. Therefore I'm going to enumerate and describe such kind of youngsters - new Pirlos and Makeleles Wink


Ever Banega Thumbs-up
The most known DMC wonderkid probably
The most known DMC wonderkid probably. Starts the game at Valencia and costs huge amount of money already - $23.5. That were cons. His attributes and skills are pros. And especially his age - 18 years. What's interesting - Banega is more of Andrea Pirlo type. He has rather low Tackling (10) in the very beginning and high Technique, First Touch, Creativity, Decision, Passing. Average physical attributes will be increased during trainings, so don't worry about that.
Didier Digard Star
Only $3.3M - the price of this young French midfielder from PSG
Only $3.3M - the price of this young French midfielder from PSG!!! Surprised Digard is brave, spirited fighter with good passing. His Work Rate equals 16 what promises his good development in future. Digard has 2 preferred moves: Run With Ball Through Center, Tries Long Range Passes. Ye, he like to run through centre being very, very versatile:
Ye, he like to run through centre being very versatile
You see he can play on any position in the center!
Lucas Party
Lucas. Fantastic wonderkid from Liverpool
Fantastic wonderkid from Liverpool. The man who can dictate tempo in the centre of midfield and get crowd going. Lucas is very quick, agile, technical and mental guy. I do not see his weaknesses at all. The only thing is that it's impossible to buy him in the very beginning of a game.
Miguel Veloso Hot
Arsenal and many other grand clubs want to buy him from Sporting
Top transfer target DMC in the real life now. Arsenal and many other grand clubs want to buy him from Sporting. In Football Manager 2008 his price is not so high as in the real life - $9M. The guy possesses the following preferred moves: Shoots With Power, Dictates Tempo, Tries To Play Way Out Of Trouble. Veloso is also versatile midfielder who can close the position of DC if needed. And sure his values of attributes are great at start. I don't see weaknesses here also!
Gelson Fernandes Thumbs-up
Gelson Fernandes. Swiss defensive midfielder from Manchester City
Swiss defensive midfielder from Manchester City. He is tenacious classic DMC with perfect mental and physical abilities. Try to buy him and you will not regret, I promise!

Young prospective players

Name Club Age Price Strengths Weaknesses
Omar Esparza Chivas (MEX) 19 $2.3M Very good physics, Long Shots Average Tackling, Passing at start
Isaiah Osbourne Aston Villa 19 $3.4M Good physics Average mental abilities
Fabrice Muamba Birmingham 19 $6.5M Next Patric Viera. All skills needed for classic DMC are fine. Agility = 10. But it's not so important for DMC actually.
Marek Hamsik Napoli (ITA) 19 $9M Possesses both legs!
High values of passing, tackling, determination, team work
Distel Zola Monaco (FRA) 18 $325K Price is very low!!
Age, Determination
Low Concentration (8), average Natural Fitness (11)
Francesco Bolzoni Inter (ITA) 18 $3M Age. Tight marking DM, with good Work Rate. Weak in winning aerial duels because of low Jumping - 7
Pichu Atienza Atletico (SPA) 17 $2.8M Very young! Fairly determined, good Tackling. Low team work - 9. Very low passing - 6
Ignacio Camacho Atletico (SPA) 17 $1.5M Tight marking DM of very young age. Good Natural Fitness, Work Rate Average physics but he has a lot of time for training.
Stelvio Braga (POR) 18 $16K Lowest ever price for good DMC in Football Manager 2008! Average speed
Younousse Sankhare PSG (FRA) 17 Free Young resilient halfback. Good speed, passing, determination. Only grand clubs can sign him for free at start.
Low tackling.
Rudolph Austin Portmore Utd (JAM) 21 $350K Cheap price. Brilliant Natural Fitness (18), Determination (17), Work Rate (16), Not creative DMC. Very low Balance - 6.
Arturo Vidal Leverkusen (GER) 20 $6.75M Very versatile with superb values of attributes for DMC.
Must be bought for any team!
Average team work
Clement Chantome PSG (FRA) 19 $5.5M The third prospective DMC from PSG! Classic one. Good passing, team work, tackling Average aerial abilities
Matthieu Coutadeur Le Mans (FRA) 21 $4.8M Classic DMC with high values of all necessary attributes. Low aerial abilites
Mark Ellis Bolton 18 $1.7M Young age, cheap price Average determination and decisions
Ramirez Vitoria (BRA) 19 $2M Posseses potential to become new Gilberto Silva. Average, not Brazilian level of technique Smile
Simon Walton Hull 19 $375K Price is great for a player of such calibre. Physically strong DMC. Low balance - 7.
Team work is only 10.
Matthew Spiranovic Nurnberg (GER) 19 $1.2M Good price. Great aerial abilities. Superb determination - 20. Not high tackling and passing. Average decisions.

If you know any other wonderkid player for DMC position then just write about him in the comments!

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