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Southampton: Top half is not close enough

"Top half is not close enough" - some rhyme from me on the post title Smile. Ye, that's about my Southampton story. But at first I'm going to tell you what transfers were done during winter transfer window of 2010/2011 season.

Winter Transfers

I spend all the rest of money I hadn't spent before the season buying Orlando Engelaar (you've seen him on Euro 2008 in Holland team), Dean Derry (18 years talented left back - regen), Abdoulaye Meite (strong and well-known DRC).

Transfers done during winter transfer window of 2010/2011 season 

Meite is the most important newcomer of the club. I'm going to try him on DR position. Or maybe on DC position moving Chygrynskiy or Diamoutene to DR.

Abdoulaye Meite 

Certain pros of Meite are: very high value of Strengh, strong mentality abilities, good enough Jumping, Position, Marking, Tackling... in one word - everything that central defender needs. Sure, I see few cons: average speed and passing skills.

Anticipating thinks I can tell that he didn't impressed me as flank back... right because of speed and passing... And at the moment Meite is on substitution bench waiting for chance of getting to the first squad Smile

Latest Southamton Results

Lets return to the start of this post: "Top half is not close enough" slogan Smile . The reason for raising this slogan is easy to understand (if you remember my expectations at the season start). The latest results of the matches were very different (good and bad) and really unlucky. Unlucky in straight sense of lack of luck during dangerous moments. We should win the most of all matches played during January, February and March. Even with Man United and Arsenal when there Southampton was leading with 2:1 score after during middle of game. So it was disappointing period for me as Southampton manager Thinking. From the other hand this is the first time when I felt my team competing with grand-clubs of Premier League!

Latest Southamton Results

There was the crazy game with Aston Villa - 5:4. We gained victory due to goal of Daniel Niculae (not Marius Niculae Wink ) on the last minute. He was a real hero of the game making "poker" - 4 goals in the match! Party

Before the last 7 fixtures of English Premier League my Southampton is almost safe from relegation zone and have very slight chances to enter top half of the table.

Before the last 7 fixtures of English Premier League my Southampton is almost safe from relegation and have very slight changes to enter top 10 team list

Therefore motivation for matches that left is not so high. But anyway I will try to do my best in this season thinking of the next one...


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