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Wonderkids and best young players in Football Manager 2008: Left Midfielders

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Today I'm going to share my research of the best wonderkids and other young talented players in Football Manager 2008 for position of Left Midfielder (ML/AML).  Among the most of those players you will see quick wingers with very good dribbling and passing abilities who can perform well and be useful for any team in FM 2008.


Matias Fernandez. AM(LC)
Matias Fernandez from Villareal
Fascinating attacking 21-year midfielder from Villareal! He has brilliant attribute values and great potential of growth into a real world star. Fernandez is the performer that recommended by many experienced football managers. Price is rather cheap for large clubs - $8.75M. Buy him if you can at the start of game!
Silva. AM(LRC)
Silva from Valencia
Another one Primera player, from Valencia. Silva is the most fast and dribbling young midfielder in the game! He has many 18-19 values of his attributes confirming them at Euro 2008 in real life. The only bad thing about Silva is high price - $31.5M.
Abdou Razack Traore. DL/WBL/AML
Rosenborg fantastic winger from Ivory Coast! Look at his attributes and then at his price ($1.7M). And then at his age - 18 years!!! You will understand that Abdou Traore is totally sensational left midfielder for any team in FM 08!!!
Marcelo. DL/WBL/ML
The only disadvantage is that Marcelo belongs already to Real Madrid
Certain wonderkid who can play for any club in the world and be very successful. Has brilliant fitness and technical attributes. He is able to beat any opponent on a flank by means of his fast and agile technics.  Possesses vey high values of Flair, Anticipation, Off The Ball and First Touch for player of left back role.
The only disadvantage is that Marcelo belongs already to Real Madrid.  So buying him is really hard challenge!
Mata. AM(LC)
Valencia has another young wonderkid midfielder on the left flank
Valencia has another young wonderful midfielder on the left flank who can develop highly because he is very young - 19 years old. Mata is already cool with his Dribbling, Finishing, Passing, Creativity, Flair, Off The Ball... Some physical training is necessary for him to be more quick. But it's not a problem at all!

Other Young Talents

Name Club Age Price Strengths Weaknesses
Jeremy Menez Monaco (FRA) 20 $8.5M High technique, flair and pace Poor teamwork
Hatem Ben Arfa Lyon (FRA) 20 $9.5M Fine speed, creativity, technique Average teamwork
Sebastian Giovinco Empoli (ITA) 20 $9M Wonderful dribbling and agility Poor teamwork. And no tackling at all.
James Milner Newcastle 21 $8M High teamwork. Runs with ball down both flanks! Average speed at beginning of game.
Ismael Aissati PSV (HOL) 18 $6.5M His age, price, teamwork, determination. Bravery
Urby Emanuelson Ajax (HOL) 21 $6M Versatile. Can play also as DL. Quick prospective dribbler!
Sergio Mota Sao Paolo (BRA) 17 $4.3M Very young! Fairly determined, technically gifted. Need work permit if you manage English club.
Iago Barcelona B (SPA) 17 $4.1M Free kick taker. Balanced. Similar type of player to Ronaldinhno. Very young! Poor teamwork and tackling.
John Fleck Rangers (SCO) 15 Free! The most young from talented left midfielders! And the most talented from youngest ones! :) Average pace. But he has a lot of time for training and development!
Pedro Arsenal 17 $2M High speed, technique and creativity. And again - the age. Very versatile player! Stamina is terrible. Poor teamwork and work rate as well.
Caner CSKA Moscow (RUS) 18 $5.25M Resolute, determined Turkish winger Average teamwork and work rate.
Sergey Kislyak Dinamo Minsk (BEL) 19 $400K Great at taking set pieces. Very cheap! Poor team work and technique.
Kevin Monnet-Paque Lens (FRA) 18 $1M Has a great speed! Teamwork and passing

If you know any other wonderkid player for left flank of midfield then just write a comment!

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