Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Young talents and wonderkids in Football Manager 2008: Goalkeepers


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I'm playing Arsenal now and trying to perform better in the search of young talented players in FM 2008. Using and training young stars and wonderkids is one the main personal targets of my current game. Just want to become the second Arsene Wenger ;)

Ok, the first position which can be strengthened by some young guy - goalkeeper. I need a replace for Jens Lehmann in the closest future (though he peforms very well during the current season). The research given the following results:

Wonderkid keepers

Oscar Ustari - very fast and agile handler. My scout considers that he has potential to become as good as Jens Lemann. I think him to be the best under-21 keeper in the world.

Oscar Ustari, Wonderkind goalkeeper in Football Manager 2008

Igor Akinfeev - stable goalkeeper from CSKA Moscow who was wonderkid in the former versions of FM. In the FM 2008 he is not so cool (and this corresponds to the reality). Though anyway I consider him very good and prospective variant. The only bad thing is his low teamwork value (4).

Igor Akinfeev, young star goalkeeper in Football Manager 2008

Prospective young keepers

Kasper Schmeichel - the son of famous Peter Schmeichel. Plays as reserve goalkeeper of Manchester City. His strong sides are Kicking, One On Ones, Natural Fitness, Agility and Bravery (all - 16). Rushing Out is low, unfortunately. But he has a high potential anyway.

Marcel Grohe - 20-years guy from Brazilian Gremio. High Agility, Balance, Handling, Reflexes, Bravery, Concentration. Low values of Rushing Out and Aerial Ability. He's good in shot stopping and bad if there is need to leave the line. Though his potential is considered to be high by one of my scout and enough to be as good as Jens Lehmann.

Felipe - another Brazialian. This time - from Santos. Very young guy (19 years old) who is really good in shot stopping situation and weak mentality for decisive games. Nevertheless the scout says that Felipe can even be slightly better than Jens Lehmann in the future. I'm not sure but he can be good variant.

Remy Riou - French, from Auxerre. 20 years old. He has high Reflexes, Aerial Ability, Balance, Jumping, Strength and almost all mental attributes! The weaknesses are low Team-Work and Throwing. Well, he is very prospective keeper, I think. One of the best variants.

Hugo Lloris - again 20 years old French. From Nice. Great Reflex attribute value - 19. Very strong Handling, Aerial Ability, Positioning, Acceleration. Low-valued attribute is the only one - Kicking. This is the rare case when you should not specify kicking the ball for the keeper and should set him to throw. Anyway I like him much :)

Bohdan Shust - Ukrainian (as me :) ) 21 years old guy from Shakhtar. He has great values of Handling, Reflexes, Strength, Jumping and high values of One on Ones, Composure, Work Rate. Very bad in Throwing and bad in Rushing Out.
The scout considers him to have potential to be better than Jens Lehmann.

And now I would like to present you the results of my analysis as rating:

1. Oscar Ustari
2. Hugo Lloris
3. Remy Riou
4. Igor Akinfeev
5. Bohdan Shust
6. Felipe
7. Kasper Schmeichel
8. Marcel Grohe

Author: Vitaliy

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