Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Disharmonious low position at season finish

Dear blog readers,

This is blog update #843. My first season with AZ (season 8 in the whole story) is completed. Unluckily, I cannot brag about the results because I didn’t manage to achieve Top 8 and even dropped to the 14th position after all.  Just as a little excuse: AZ finished in 4 points from the 9th place.



Monday, 29 September 2014

FM 15 story. Instead of poll

Dear blog readers,

I am really excited by your activity and comments written to the last post! I got impression there’s one absolute leader among all three ideas of FM 2015 story. So there’s merely no sense in the poll this year. Just take look at the stats of votes given by you in the comments:

Dream job story got 16 votes. It’s about starting as unemployed manager and try to become Arsenal head coach. There was a nice addition: manage clubs of different countries, don’t stick with England.

Deportivo against Spanish grands received 4 votes as well as new AZ story.

Here are also some alternative ideas suggested by you:

  • Basque team (Athletic, Osasuna) – 2 votes
  • Start in MLS – 2
  • Middle/Lower tier Oceania/Asia club – 1
  • Dinamo Zagreb – 1
  • Swansea/Aston Villa – 1
  • Win CL with club outside England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France

Bottom line

I will start the dream job story as soon as Football Manager 2015 release happens.

I had never such kind of experience since the moment I had begun playing Football Manager (1996). It’s pleasant to realize starting unemployed would fit the name of this blog: True Football Manager.

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

Friday, 26 September 2014

Ideas for my FM 2015 story

FM 2015 Story

Hello guys,

Thank you for joining me again. This blog post no. 841 is totally dedicated to future year with new game. Unluckily, we have no news about it. It’s quite strange because normally first news appear in August and there are  lots of interesting things and new features to discuss in September… Nevertheless, I am sure SI Games will produce another amazing game with improved Match Engine and AI.

I am really going to play new FM 2015 as frequently as I had been doing that during last years. Undoubtedly, I will continue writing to the blog at least twice per week accounting for story progress in the same style. What I need now is to determine future type of FM15 story. Hope you will help me!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Four AZ matches

Hi dear readers,

Thanks for coming back to True Football Manager blog. I want to share the latest news from my FM 2014 in this blog update #840.

AZ story continues after some squad changes made in January. That’s nice I can boast with 3 wins in 4 matches! I’m proud to tell you two of them were achieved over Dutch football leaders Ajax and Twente.



Friday, 19 September 2014

First transfer campaign in AZ

Hello dear readers,

I had two options before January:

  • Leave squad as it is and gain a middle league position reliably
  • Make transfers taking some risks

You know me :) The the latter option was more tempting, that’s for sure. Moreover, I thought it’s won’t be difficult to keep my club away from relegation zone even having squad blending process of new players.

Players out

Players out


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

First experience as AZ head coach

Dear blog readers,

Hello and welcome back again. As you know I changed the job: Dresden story got transformed into AZ story. Today I am ready to account for the first matches and new tactics chosen for AZ. Let’s start with the tactics.

AZ tactics



Friday, 12 September 2014

Short AZ squad review

Dear blog readers,

So here is my first AZ blog post. As you remember season 8 began and my new club is at the bottom of Eredivisie. Today I want to make squad review quickly sharing information about current players in my disposal.